The Big Jump
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The Big Jump

After partying, morning came with all the hangovers and headaches that came along with qualm and sickness, strong enough to lie in bed. But exactly that morning was scheduled my jump and I just couldn’t miss it. Jumping with a parachute was a longtime dream and I couldn’t let hangovers ruin it. So I gathered all I got left in me, got in the car and slept on the back seat. One hour on the road and we were in the airfield. Got through the instructions with an iron face, no emotions and no fears. One little practice on the half sliced off plane and I’m in air. The plane was old and wobbly and we got to emerge in three km height with that old cranky plane. It was a half an hour fly. Too see the sky rise from the open plane doors was so extraordinary that I forgot all the hangovers and sickness.
Time to jump. Before that moment I was calm and relaxed no fears or heart beats. Bet when it was time to stand up and walk to the open doors in three km height, it took my breath away and my heart started to beat like crazy. And the instructor who was straddled to my back jumped. We were turning in circles like crazy and I couldn’t understand anything, sky clouds and earth where spinning too fast. Fear paralyzed me in that second of chaos, but when we got the free fall stance correctly I just relaxed and all fears got away and I was left just with an incredible feeling of flying. Emotions got through; it was the best feeling ever maybe because it’s flying :)
Landed on the ground with a smile on my face, and that smile never got off.

Jokūbas, 18, Lithuania

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