First Of Many Unforgettable Trips
21st Mar 2013Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on First Of Many Unforgettable Trips
First Of Many Unforgettable Trips

This was our first holiday together as a group of friends, everyone had been away with their families before and we had all gone off on an adventure round the world on solo trips but the timing was never just right for all of us to go away as a group.

This time we all were able to travel to Canada and America together for 3 months. I would have to say this was a magical moment just booking the trip. Little did we know it would lead on to 3 months full of moments that we all cherish and constantly bring back up in conversation.

Making it through 3 months of travelling with your best friends and still coming out the other side still as close as you were when you started in itself is a magical moment :)

Dave, 25, Wales

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