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My Dog Logan

My dog Logan is  my Magical Moments, he’s made my life complete.
Last year we learned about Last Chance Animal Shelter a shelter that rescues dogs from kill shelters. Logan was our first foster and we’ve loved him ever since we brought him in our car to bring him to our home.

When we first brought Logan home it was exciting to have a puppy in the house because when I was three we had a golden retriever puppy named Genevieve but we had to give her away when we moved to Arizona.

I loved him the first night we brought him home. That night when my grandma and Aunt Margie came over to play cards, he sat at their feet the whole time; he was one of the sweetest thing in the world. The next day we were told that someone saw Logan and wanted to adopt him. Fortunately we were “foster-failures” so we ended up keeping him.

Logan is a golden retriever and husky mix. I love almost everything about him; his big black nose, gorgeous eyes, those small floppy ears and the beautiful colors.

Because of Logan I’ve learned how to have a good time even in the most stressful times. He is always at my side no matter what, even when my great aunt died. When I am sad he licks the salty tears off my eyes. He is more than a best friend, he is family to me and he accepts me for who I am. He is pretty much always on my side. He even accepts it when I have problems and doesn’t judge me.

Everything in my life had changed because of Logan, it’s like everything is even better than it was.

My life just got an upgrade! 😉

With love and connection,
Madeline, 11, USA

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