Diving in the Sea
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Diving in the Sea

I can call myself a reckless person. I like extreme things which can take my breath away. All my life I have been dreaming about two things: to jump with a parachute and to go diving. This summer I had a chance to realize one of my dreams – I was able to go divining in the sea.
This summer when our family had a holiday at the sea-side, I found a diving school and registered for this activity. From the first minutes I understood that it was going to be the most fantastic thing I could ever think of. After having a small instruction course I put on a special suit. The equipment was very heavy, but that made the whole process even more interesting.
To my surprise, it turned out to be not as difficult as we had been told. Besides I was helped by my instructor all the time. The emotions which you get plunging deeply under the water can be hardly described with any words. With each meter you get accustomed better and better and it becomes easier to breathe. You can see the finest views. I saw a great number of multi-colored fish and underwater plants. It is a tremendous feeling when there is a huge amount of water over you and in order to go up to the surface it is necessary to overcome the distance of 20 meters!
Probably, it was one of the brightest events in my life and it can be called a magical moment. Each time when I remember it, I feel really good. Next year I will surely repeat it because having tried diving once you want to do it again.

Ekaterina, 16, Russia

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