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My Best Friend

I would like to tell you about my magical moment but it is very sad one…
I had a lovely cat. Its name was Glasha. She was black and white.I liked to play with it very much. It brought me load of joy and happiness. Glasha was a funny cat and it was so interesting to watch her playing. She always slept with me. How I love it!
Later it had two fluffy kittens. They were so cute! One of them was white and the other – black. This happy family lived in a big box. Glasha was very happy with her kittens. Soon they were apart. Glasha was alone in the empty box… Some days later Glasha became ill. We tired to help her but all our efforts were useless. She died in my hands. I can not believe in her death up to the present. Our house is empty without her now.

Angelina, 12, Russia


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