My Park
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My Park


I’d like to tell you about one magic moment which I had some days ago. My family and I visited our famous park Oleksandria. Here I must say that we live in the town of Bila Tserkva and all residents of our town are proud of this park. It is considered to be the pearl of our town.

There are many different plants from many countries of the world and there are monuments there too.



This park is very beautiful in autumn. The day we went there was warm and the weather was perfect. We walked along the paths and enjoyed the bright colours of nature in the park.


I really liked the Chinese Bridge and the  lake with swans which live there. We took some bread with us and fed the swans. I had a great time together with my family in the park. There are many places in the park where you can relax. If you have an opportunity to visit my town, don’t miss the chance to have a pleasant walk in our park. Believe me, you’ll be greatly impressed!Ira Shevchuk, 14, Ukraine
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