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The Journey Begins - Hello Mallorca!
10th Dec 2012Posted in: Travel Blog Comments Off on The Journey Begins – Hello Mallorca!
The Journey Begins – Hello Mallorca!

Hi Friends,

So excited to tell you that this is the beginning of my journey.

I arrived at Mallorca, which is the largest of the four Balearic Islands which lie off the East coast of Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea.













As I arrived I was excited to see Julie, the English teacher, and her students and they were excited to see me.

Julie and other teachers arranged a special ceremony to celebrate my arrival. She explained to the students about the Magical Moments Around the World project and how it connects people across the globe in sharing their magical experiences.  Julie told how she and her former students first joined the project in 2009 and how now, 3 years later, the virtual pages turned into me – a real book full of beautiful images and magical moments. And how I’m beginning a REAL journey around the world! 

Julie helped inspire her 7 year old students in their Art class when asking them to invent their own symbol for Love, Happiness and Peace. The pictures they made are so colorful and vibrant as you can see in the photos below:


Julie together with other teachers arranged a very special delivery. They presented me to the six High School pupils with their magic moment page that they wrote 3 years ago!

They gave us such a warm welcome at the High School and the former pupils were thrilled! Each pupil received a nice big envelope with each one’s magic moment inside. But when they actually saw their moments in the book their faces just lit up! They had great satisfaction of seeing their words in print. They also took me to several classrooms and introduced me to the students and told them about the project. You can see all this in the photos below: 

I was also mentioned in the local magazine:





The students displayed their own magical moments and artwork and displayed them:


When my visit was over the the 6-7 year old students kindly took me to the post office.

Thank you Julie, the teachers and the students for hosting me and for letting me be part of your school life for a while. It was a real honor for me. I’ll miss you…

I’m off to New York dear friends. I’ll keep you posted. 


A little bit about Mallorca:

Like the other Balearic Islands of Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, the island is an extremely popular holiday destination for tourists.

Mallorca has wonderful beaches. Palma de Mallorca (or simply Palma) is the main center and capital city. Palma is on the south side of the island, on a bay famous for its brilliant sunsets. The northwest coast, dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, is a beautiful region of olive groves, pine forests and villages, with a spectacularly rugged coastline. The east coast is an almost continuous string of sandy bays and open beaches. Most of the south coast is lined with rocky cliffs interrupted by beaches and coves, and the interior is largely made up of the fertile plain known as Es Pla.


How large is Mallorca?  75 kilometres from North to South and 100 kilometres from East to West.

Mallorca’s own language is Mallorcan, the local variety of the Catalan language. The two official languages of Mallorca are Mallorcan and Spanish. 

The climate of Majorca is a Mediterranean climate, with mild and stormy winters and hot, bright summers

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