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15th Oct 2012Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on 2 Friends = 1 Magical Moment
2 Friends = 1 Magical Moment

One of my favorite Magical Moments was when a nice friend of mine comforted me. It all started just a few days ago, my two partners and I were doing a project together. And apparently they kept telling me, you’re doing this wrong you’re doing that wrong. I felt like I was going to explode (everyone knows how that feels) after all that. My friend asked me “what’s wrong you can tell me anything” “ok”, I said. So I told her what’s wrong, later on she told my two partners to, “Please stop telling her she’s doing everything wrong and try to appreciate the work she was doing”. After that everything went great they even apologized to me I’m so happy I have a friend like Sarai.

Brianca, 11, USA

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