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Money Giver

One magical moment I have had was that I saw a boy walk into the store and I overheard the man behind the counter say: “do you have money to pay for that candy bar?” The boy said “no.” “Well you have to put it back.” “OK, here you go.” After that I walked him home his name was Max, I asked him what school he went to, he went to the same school as me, he was also in the same grade. I think that was weird because I had never seen him in my whole school year, but it was ok because he turned out to be a good and smart boy. I asked him if he would like to play a game of basketball he stood there for a second and then said “sure, o.k. let’s go.” After the game I walked him back home, as we walked back home I learned more about him like he has two brothers, and a god sister. I asked Max why his mom doesn’t give him money before school so he doesn’t feel bad about himself. Max was taking his moms money, but he was not going to take his moms money because I gave him money.

Leon, 11, USA

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