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My Magical Moment

One time my best friend was having a birthday party. Like always I was the last one to show up. When I rang the doorbell my friend looked sad so I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing. I knew something was wrong so I sat with her. We talked and played and had a good time. That was until we went outside I was having a great time playing, laughing and talking with everyone except my best friend. I then noticed she stormed inside she looked like she was about to cry. I felt like a jerk. So I went in after her and tried to talk to her. She finally spoke, and told me what was wrong I apologized and she accepted it. We were playing games, playing with dolls, and watching videos on YouTube, still no one noticed. We had cake, and made a piñata and hit it that was the only time everyone paid attention to her. It was finally time to leave I was sad and said goodbye, she said thanks for all the things I did that day. It turns out I made her day and she made mine.

Carolien, 11, USA

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