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My Birthday Gift

A magical moment for me was back in Indonesia when I was turning 9. It was my birthday and I hadn’t seen my grandma in 3 years, so I was happy to get to spend my birthday with her. The day before, I watched a documentary on how the orphans in Indonesia live. From what I could understand, they could only eat rice and crackers. I was thinking to myself, that I should give them something to eat that they have never tasted before. We weren’t doing anything for my birthday anyway, so I decided that I wanted to go to the orphanage and give them money and food. We gave them a quick call and they said yes. I asked my grandma if she wanted to come, thinking she would say no. I thought that because she could hardly walk. Instead, she said yes. I was so happy. The next day, I went there and gave them food and money. When I saw them eat, they looked so bright. I might have just made their day, but they made my birthday special.

Aritha, 11, USA

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