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Meeting My Godsister

One day I was in church walking down the hall when I heard this girl named Shei-lin yelling at this other girl and calling her names. The girl was trying to defend herself but couldn’t. So after watching that I ran over there to stop, but the funny thing was that the girl Shei-lin was yelling at was the girl I was just arguing with. But I realized what I had done and how I can change. So when I got there I was defending her, so when Shei-lin realized that it was 2 on 1 she actually stopped. So after that situation me and that girl whose name was Savannah became really close friends. I even found out that we live right next to each other and that we were godsisters and that our family was even closer than we were and knew each other before me and Savannah was even born. Savannah and I spent many years together but when I found out she was moving to Florida I was heartbroken and my heart dropped. The last moments we spent together was a moment to never forget. But I will always remember the time I took up for my little godsister and changed me and my godsister’s life.

Sage, 11, USA

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