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My Two Friends

Last year it was my birthday and I was turning 11. Two of my friends just got into a fight a week before my birthday party, it was at the bowling alley. They were mad at each other. Anyway, my birthday went on and during half of my birthday party, I saw my friend Megan all alone and Rebecca all alone. So I went over to Rebecca and asked what was wrong. She said she wanted to make-up and say she was sorry for what she did. So I walked over to my friend Megan to say that Rebecca said that she was sorry. She said that she always says sorry when they get into a fight and doesn’t even mean it. Megan said she wouldn’t forgive her. So I went to my friends and said, “Could you guys cheer Megan up and Rebecca up please so that they can have a fun time at my party.”
So we tried to cheer Megan up. It partially worked. When the Cupid Shuffle came on we pulled her up out of her seat and made her come and dance with us. Now she was having fun. Next we tried it with Rebecca. When the Electric Side came on and we pulled her out of her seat and danced. Now she was having fun too. After that they made up and were happy. After the party we played games and one of my friends lost all their tokens but I said, “Here take some of mine.”
She wouldn’t take them but I made her take them. She said, “Thank you.” Then one of my friends shared some with me because they didn’t want them. So I took them and gave them to my friend Ashley who lost all her tokens. My magical moment was when they made up because now it was easy to talk to them instead of she said this and she said that.

Erin, 11, USA

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