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23rd Sep 2012Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on The Day I Changed a Person’s Life
The Day I Changed a Person’s Life

My magical moment happened at school during free-time. This girl was all alone and  nobody would talk to her, she had no friends at all. After seeing her sad and lonely I decided to go talk to her. I found out that she just moved here from England, and nobody would talk to her because of her accent. I felt really bad for her even though she was going to be here for a couple months. In those months me and her became very good friends she came over to my house I went over  to hers but then that day came when she had to go back home. On her last day of school after 4 months she said to me, “Thank you I thought I would never have any friends.” That was the saddest day ever but I realized that I had changed a person’s life. My magical moment was how I made a new friend.

Olivia, 10, USA

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