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18th Sep 2012Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Helper

One day I was getting lunch at my school and I had to pay money for my lunch. I didn’t have money to give the lunch lady. Then the next day I totally forgot to ask my mom for lunch money. Then I was at my second class when I got a call from the office. My hands started to sweat a little, thinking that I got in trouble because I did something to hurt someone. As I walked down going into the office, one of the ladies who worked in the office named Ms. Martinez came and handed me 3.00 dollars for me to buy a lunch. She said that she paid all the money that I owed the lunch lady. Then said if I didn’t have money for lunch just come down to the office and ask her, and she would cover me. I was very happy I said “Thank You” to her and went on back to my class. And that’s my magical moment.

Indya, 11, USA

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