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18th Sep 2012Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Handing a Helping Hand
Handing a Helping Hand

My friends would get bullied. In 1st grade. All day long 7 days a week. When I would try to help he would bully me back. When I tried to help he would say no and say rude things to me. One day he was getting pushed around. I said stop, but they started pushing me around to. Before that happened I told the teachers to watch me. So whenever they would bully the bullies got caught. One day my friend told me he planned to hurt himself. So after that we decided to stick together. We talked about why he would bully me he said he wanted the bullies to accept him so they won’t bully him as much. So when I heard this I was surprised and sad. That’s my magical moment.

Nathaniel, 12, USA

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