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Best Friend Till the End

My magical moment was when I was in 5th grade. This moment changed my life around and this will stay in my heart forever. In 5th grade this girl just kept on being mean to people, I just didn’t understand why she had a whole bunch of friends, she can never get left and she never got bullied before. So why does she bully other kids. But also the other thing I was one of those kids who got bullied by her. She would say mean words, bring people down, give attitudes and just say things about people that wasn’t even true. My life was horrible and I would be afraid to go to school every day. So I told my best friend, she’s been there for me so I felt comfortable telling her. After I told her not to say anything, she just went and told that bully off. After that day that person did not bully anybody else including me. Thank you Makeda Clark for everything you have done, you rare my best friend and I will always remember you.

M.J, 11, USA

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