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My Mom

One day, this year in January, I had to get knee surgery. The day I got surgery, I came back home from the hospital the same day. My knee was very swollen. It began hurting me even more, because it was so swollen. I was on the couch with my leg up in this machine that moves it up and down. I called my mom, and she was with me, by my side, after I told her how much it was hurting. I was in tears, but my mom stayed by my side no matter what! I had to get my knee drained, a few days later, and again, she was right by my side and holding my hand. She was so loving and caring and never left me. And when I had “bad knee days,” she was there for me, 24/7. I love her very much. I thought no one understood, but she always helped me through the pain. I am getting cleared in July to go back to activities, and she is still right by my side, even today.

Jordan, 13, USA

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