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My True Friends

This moment helped me realize who my true friends were and who actually cared about me. It all started at the end of first grade. It was the day after father’s day. Me and my brother were sitting in class and we got a call to go the library. Once we got there, we just were helping her sharpen pencils and put away books. Once we got back, we saw two huge bouncy balls that were tie-dyed different colors. They were both signed by the whole class. We found out that when were gone, our teacher told the class our dad died just the day before, on Father’s Day. We were so happy we had people who cared about us. Everyone was coming over and saying they were so sorry. We found out that our close friend Matt had brought the bouncy balls in. We were so happy that he would do that for us. We were getting calls after calls saying how sorry they were for what happened. I was very upset that I never gave my dad his Father’s Day gift, but with all the care we got, we felt a little bit better. It’s been six years since then, and all my friends who cared are still there for me now.

Cat, 13, USA

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