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Helping My Best Friend

In January 2012 my best friend got knee surgery, on my birthday! I felt so bad for her and wanted to help her in any way I possibly could because she is like my sister. We are buddies in everything and i wanted to help her through this because not seeing a smile on her face every day would not only make her sad but me sad. On the day of her surgery I was so worried about her and she was the only thing I was worried about. I texted her before and after her surgery to make sure she was okay and I called her at least 20 times! Crazy, right? But to me this was a big deal and I wanted to help her no matter what, she came first in the time she had her knee brace on. While she was out I got her homework for her and took it to her house every day because I had to see her. She was out for 2 weeks and i couldn’t go without those 2 weeks not seeing the smile on her face. I felt SO bad for her!!! When she came back to school she was on crutches and I went everywhere in school with her, and took her to all of her classes. Then after all of that happened at school I had a birthday party and my best friend was coming! I told her that if she couldn’t come I would kidnap her!!! So she came and my house has stairs and everyone walked up and down the stairs the whole time. Well, knowing that she couldn’t walk up and down the stairs I carried her no matter what. I didn’t care if i hurt myself. This girl was and is my best friend and I wanted to help her because she has done so much for me and has made my life better. I owed it to her to help her, and now she is out of her brace and walks perfectly fine and I hope she gets cleared to going back to doing the things she loves because if she doesn’t it would most likely make her sad and I don’t want her to be sad at all! She is and always will be my best friend.

Brynne, 13, USA

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