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22nd Jul 2012Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on My Best Friend
My Best Friend

One day I was super upset and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. One of my best friends, Nick, really helped me to be happy again. I was moping around for like a week and i really wasn’t myself. I wasn’t smiling, running around, and being crazy. He noticed I was really sad and stuff and he was trying to make me happy and be myself again. It really was not working. Nick was always able to make me happy but this one time it was not working. Nick and I were best friends since 2nd grade. He hates seeing me upset. He never would give up trying to make me happier. He would call me all the time. At school he would try and make me laugh and make faces at me. Then a week later I realized I should not be upset anymore. No one ever liked seeing me upset. Nick got worried when I was like this. So, I figured why not try and be happy again. It took me a couple days to be myself again. So, ever since then I try not to be sad anymore. Mostly because no one ever likes seeing me like that, mostly Nick.

Jess, 13, USA

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