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My Grandpa

When I was born I was a miracle baby. My grandpa was dying of depression the doctor said he had no life left in him. Once I was born they said it was a miracle! His health was amazing. As I grew older he was getting better and better.
But last month he was getting very sick. His heart was giving up on him. My mom after school told me he called and asked to talk to me. I called him back he was at the hospital. We talked for 30 minutes on and on, it was really fun. But then I had to go and at so we said are goodbyes.
Later that day my grandma called saying the doctor called her. He said he is doing a lot better after we talked. So to my grandma I was sent here to help my grandpa and everyone around.
My grandpa calls a lot now to talk to me and he even admits. I’m his favorite. I’m his favorite grandchild out of three soon to be four. My grandpa loves me and I will always love him!

MeKayla, 13, USA

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