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My Girl Scout Project

My Girl Scout troop for the past 6 years has visited a nursing home. We never did anything big or special though. It was always something like cards or decorating their doors. It made them happy but not happy enough. So we decided to make them a butterfly garden for them. We worked 30 hours in all on this project and have maintained it since. This year we wanted to make them happy again. We knew that they never had fresh food to eat so we made them a vegetable garden. This garden was bigger and better it had food like peppers, basil, tomatoes, thyme and much more! They love it! We also fixed up their deck by giving them new chairs, tables and cushions for the chairs. All they had before that was a couple old rockers and broken chairs. The Home Depot helped us with this too. They donated so much. We planted new flowers, trimmed the bushes, gave them fresh food, and fixed their deck which made them so thankful. For this project we have worked at least 20 hours and are trying to work to 50 hours. We have taken so much time on them and they deserve it.

Skylar, 13, USA

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