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6th Mar 2012Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Moment of Happiness
Moment of Happiness

As I was sitting down with my family at a resteraunt for dinner; everything was going great and we were all getting along for once. When the bill came for dinner the lady kindly stated that it had already been paid for. My father wanted to investigate further and asked the waitress who had paid for it. She points out a man sitting alone in the corner. My dad wanted to do the right thing by thanking him. When my dad asked him why he had done it the man said genuinely that we had a wonderful family and he had been watching us from afar all night, admiring us. In that moment I felt that there are always people watching no matter what and that you are never alone. I also felt the pure kindness of people’s hearts even when they don’t have to.

Kate, 16, USA

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