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A Magical Smile

My family was visiting China, and we were on our way back from a local market when a little girl about six years old, dressed in rags, came out from behind a tree and started begging for money.  We kept walking, but then I thought about how she was the same age I was, and if I hadn’t been born into the family I was, that could have been me out there begging on the streets.  I stopped my mom and asked if I could have a small amount of money to give to the little girl.  I turned around and handed the young girl the money.  She got the biggest smile that had gratitude written all over it.  She ran back behind the tree, and that’s when I also saw her mother sitting there.  What they were going to do with the money, I don’t know, but I know that with the small portion of money given to them, they would be able to buy a small amount of food to feed the two of them that day.  In one small action of giving, I saw a magical smile on a young girl’s face, and felt a magical stir in my heart.

Emily, 15, USA

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