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Erase Marks

Over the summer, I participated in a group filled with many people of my community to help others in my community and surrounding communities who, sadly, couldn’t help themselves. This group was called Erasing the Lines. Throughout the time, we were organized in groups who would travel across my town and many towns neighboring us by foot, by van, or by bus.
Every day, I would meet a new person, travel to a different place, and make a new friend with the people I met. It didn’t even seem like a big deal. Just reaching out to someone who may have never had that helping hand before. It felt really amazing to have such a fun experience and, at the same time, lend a hand to those in need. We helped as many people as we could -building, painting, feeding, you name it- regardless of their race, age, gender, or culture.
By the end of it all, I finally realized the meaning of the group. People of many families, homes, communities, and cultures coming together and ‘erasing” their differences for one cause: To better one people, one city, one world. Erasing the Lines moved me to not only care for one summer, but for a whole lifetime.

Jared, 16, USA

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