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A Life Was Saved

Among a lot of magical moments, I would like to share one of those. It was about 10 years ago while I was a student at Dhaka University. During summer vacation, I was at my home to spend a few happy moments with my family. I went to meet with my friend at his home which was close to my home also. We were talking with each other, when I suddenly heard an abnormal sound outside. I ran outside to see what was happening. While I got to the road, I saw a girl about 12 years old lying unconscious on the road after a heavy vehicle hit her. Both of her legs were almost destroyed and she was losing blood continuously. Within a moment I called a car and went to the local hospital as well as informed my other friends to inform her family. I thought she was going to die while we were on the way to hospital. I tried to call her but she didn’t respond. A long surgery was needed and after 2 days she regained her consciousness. After her primary treatment, she was referred to the medical college hospital in the capital city.Her family was not capable of paying for her treatment costs, as she had lost her father earlier because of a road accident. I tried with all my heart and soul to find funds, and many of my friends responded positively with my appeal.
After getting treatment for almost a year, she is now capable of moving on her own legs. I’m happy that she is alive and moving onwards to build a colorful life.

Kazi, 29, Bangladesh

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