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The Guitar

One of my magical moments that I can remember was when I was fifteen years old. We were on a school trip and we spent the night at a kibbutz, which is a communal farm. At evening time we were in a kind of hall and inside of it was a small room. My friends and I went inside the room and found all sorts off interesting stuff there. And there they were – guitars. I remember looking at them craving to touch them. They were Spanish guitars, maybe two of them, and didn’t have all the strings on them. I couldn’t help it and went and picked one of the guitars and tried to play it for the very first time in my life. The feeling was amazing. I was blown away even though I didn’t know how to play and even though the guitar was out of tune.
When the school trip was over and I came back home I remember having a dream at night that I could play the guitar effortlessly. And that was it. This was when music came into my life and hasn’t left me since

Sarit, 40, Israel

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