Christmas Tree Everlasting Magic
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Christmas Tree Everlasting Magic

I remember in childhood when Christmas time was near, the streets of my city, Wilno, changed into a forest – everybody was carrying a Christmas tree, “Eglutė” in Lithuanian, home.
These magic trees seemed to me very big then, and I was sure that we could all hide under its branches and in its smell from any disaster (and the country, which was called Soviet Union, was full of them, in fact it even forbade Christmas, so we celebrated a New Year)
We the children and our parents, were dancing around, singing the hymn to Eglute, and how the “wooly little bear visits you in the forest”.
Still celebrating this dance in the smallest country in the world, Uzhupis Republic, we are putting Eglute on our Angel’s square, and now it is here again, among us, a little miracle and a magic moment for everyone, who will come into her embrace…

Look at the video and have a Merry Christmas!

Thomas, 50, Uzhupis Republic, Lithuania

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