Worrying Kids in the Night
27th Nov 2011Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Worrying Kids in the Night
Worrying Kids in the Night

It was evening when I went to visit one of my neighbors in South Sudan. I found them worrying about the coming night and how they would make it through without a bite to eat. The young kid was crying badly, wondering what is happening in their family. And I saw what a bad night they are about to go through without something in their stomach. I asked them what is really going on here and the mother told me that they have nothings to eat, and at that moment one of the nearby neighbors came and gave them something to eat and made them feel better for the night. At that moment I really felt and realized the magic. Of how it was a bad day for a kid, and it was made better by caring neighbors.

Gabriel, 25, South Sudan

Y.E.S is dedicated and committed to help disadvantaged children, youth and women in South Sudan to overcome poverty and hopelessness.

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