Day 11, Month 11, and year 11
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Day 11, Month 11, and year 11

My latest magical moment would have to be on 11-11-11. The day when the planets align! (Or so they say). A time where any wishes made were to come true…no matter what. So like any other normal human being, I made a wish. But before that moment, my friends and I had a countdown at recess for 11:11 a.m. We squealed like little pigs in a barn for about five desperate minutes for those 60 seconds. When said time arrived, everyone whooped and hollered. At half time of praying to whatever would hear our wish, my math teacher appeared. The only thing aggravating our attention was a “why would you believe such a silly thing, it’s ridiculous.” (a complete and utter buzz kill). We finished off our 30 seconds left with hurried wishes.
In the end, it didn’t matter what my math teacher said, we all believed in that moment (although it might sound silly) to be truly magical.

Atalya, 15, Mexico

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