How Lovely It Is to Have a Mother
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How Lovely It Is to Have a Mother

One day, I went with my family to a ranch. There, we visited one of my dad´s friends. She is an old lady, who lived in the U.S. some years ago. She was not alone; her granddaughters were also visiting her. They were two pretty young girls. I did not know them, but they were really friendly. We started playing and having fun together. I liked the fact that they were so nice with everyone even though they did not know us. We spent the day with them. One of them loved horses, while the other one pretended to be a famous artist. That made me remember when I was a little girl, and I liked to play all day. I had nothing to worry about. When we were about to return home, one of them hugged my mom for a couple of minutes. When we were in the car, my mom told me that those little girls lost their mother a few months ago in a car accident. My father´s friend told her that they wanted their mom to return back with them. I started crying and I hugged my mom. Then, I realized that we take things for granted, until bad things happen. I really felt that the moment made me realize and made me feel the magic of having my mom by my side.

Diana, 15, Mexico

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