Oasis Armada
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Oasis Armada

It is not yet done, but it is magical to be doing this right now. I came together with a group of people from all around the world and for weeks we have been working on a project of a fleet that will travel the world in attempt of social change! We will visit as many communities as we can. Playing Oasis game a famous international game of empowerement to communities and the acomplishment of communal dreams. We will also be the change we want to see in the world we are learning biodynamic agriculture, upcycling architecture and art, self sufficiency and renewable energies. Just to give an example of a sustainable autonomous life.

We want to engage diferent projects without using money, just cooperative support of the people of the boat and the communities we reach. Its so magical, the universe conspires to let us keep meeting amazing people around the world and get support from everywhere is so amazing our dream will be fulfilled and as a byproduct the dreams of a lot of people.

Everybody is invited, Oasis Armada is waiting for you Mateys!!!
and believe me when I say it is magical!

David, 19, Mexico

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