He Who Leaves Truth Behind, Returns To It
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He Who Leaves Truth Behind, Returns To It

He who leaves truth behind, returns to it! My Magical moments came after realizing how difficult it is for children in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya to overcome everyday life. I used to be a volunteer teacher and coordinator in one small school in Kibera slum, when my life changed to a more social orientated life in supporting the needy children.
Every day I saw children in streets snatching people’s purses and all that I wished was to do something which I could help them to get off the streets and learn like I did and develop something for themselves, rather than wait for the government to come help them or well-wishers.
First I tried to help children in Kibera and I knew the only way to make change is to start training these kids when they are young. By the end of 2007 I had a group of about 30 youth and 25 young kids’ in a soccer team aged between 5-15 years. Today I’m still working hard and my goal is to support as many children as I can. For those who do not know about Kibera slum, it is the biggest slum in Africa and if you happen to be in Kibera you will understand this…

Children give me hope and motivation to work and search for more meaning in life. From my experiences in Kibera, I decided that I will dedicate my life and I will work day and night to try to get a place with programs, which I can train and educate little children and shelter them. I’m now building a children center in my village which I’m sure when complete, will enable me to fulfill my mission.

I know and I believe the world can be much better if we all learn to educate our children and encourage them to use creative outlets to express themselves and to pursue their dreams.

Benjamin, 32, Kenya

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