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Speak the Truth

My magical moment isn’t so magical, but one thing for sure is that I will never ever forget it. I other words art is a way to express your feelings. So the art that I present is another way I express my feelings during moments in life.

My art describes my life on how it was smooth, bright and colorful and then all of a sudden went dark and rough. This is a situation whereby you have to trust your friends when they themselves aren’t so trustworthy themselves. So anyway on that day there was a fight between a certain girl and it consisted of me and my friend. Instead of telling that certain girl that my friend was also one of the people who were part of the fight. I then fought with that certain girl and she threatened me. After that I started crying, then my friend started calming me down and I lost my trust in my friend. So then my friend looked up to me as a brave girl. I was about to lose hope in myself and stop coming to school. I just continued coming to school and pretend nothing happened.
One thing for sure is that I will always have flashbacks about this certain moment because it left a huge hole in my life when I think of the fight. After all life wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t any ups and downs. A bad beginning makes a good ending, but unfortunately mine never had a good ending. But I never lost hope.
Constantly speak the truth, boldly rebuke lies and patiently suffer for truth’s sake just like I did.

Stefani, 16, Botswana

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