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Flowers brighten your life, bring happiness, and make your life full of colors and rays of joy. Flowers make someone feel special and happy when it’s a gift to them. The same flowers accompany your loved ones at the grave. This precious gift from God decorates your house, making it full of life.
It was Rimsha’s twelfth birthday. On June the sixteenth there was a celebration of her birthday. I did not know what to give her, I was practically so busy that day, I failed to get a present for her from the shops. I picked up a bouquet of different flowers and colors. Truly, in my perspective a great gift at that time.
The bright colors signifies happiness, the most needed aspect of life.I was surprised she loved the gift and applauded me for giving her a sweet gift. A simple gift is the best and special. Flowers are the most precious gift from God and our earth !Lets keep it safe!

Jeeshitha, 11, Botswana

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