The Eye
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The Eye

Instead of speaking you see and tell with the help of the eye. The eye can see a lot of colors.
It shows your emotions whether tears can drop, angry, scary, mischievous and love the moment when you look into each other’s eyes.
My friend was once angry with me. She came up to me and looked very angry and there was a moment of silence and she walked away from me. We normally do that don’t we? The next day I came up to her and my words were “hello”, and we looked at each other and I felt sorry for what I did. Tears started to drop and at that moment she said “I forgive you”.
For those who can’t see this, I have to say just close your eyes and imagine if you could see the colorful world. If you are blind it does not mean that you will never have hope.

Atang, 13, Botswana

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