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My brother had always had stage fright and fear of crowds, which is why he had stopped birthday celebrations from the age of 16. My care and love for my brother had led me to an idea for a surprise party.
Fears have a way of disturbing and coming in between life and its memorable moments and I could not let this happen to my brother. I thought because I am his only sister, that this was my chance to prove it. I decided to sacrifice my time to plan a big surprise party for him.
I contacted all his friends and we had discussions on my idea .We agreed that it wasn’t such a bad idea and in fact it was great idea. This was a good way of showing my appreciation and gratitude towards my brother.
Many arrangements were made for venues, food and invitations. We told him to go to the Gaborone Game Reserve. When he entered through the gates we all yelled “surprise”! At that moment I saw how happy he was and how his fear had disappeared. This taught me that going out of my way to provide for the ones you love is going to end up rewarding you instead.

Kiki, 16, Botswana

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