Teddy Bear
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Teddy Bear

There are many magical moments in life that fill your heart with happiness and diminish all anger and hatred. Theymake you smile through your tears and show you the truth through a lie. You always feel these moments regardless of what situation you might be facing.
No matter what you have done or who you are, everybody deserves love and care. We are all living and breathing beings thus we all have emotions.
Others are fortunate to be blessed, but some are not. Which is why you should occasionally take time to be gracious for what you have and feel the love deep inside your soul, even though it might not be felt. We all go through a time when our lives are falling apart and we feel as though we are quitters and we are worthless.
I am going to be bold and argumentative about this. There is nothing wrong with being weak. The error is letting the weakness take ever you. If you are reading this, looking back you have been through a lot. At times yon have lost hope but that’s not the end of the world. So this should prove that you are stronger than you think.

A magical moment was when I lost my Teddy bear. I know you might think that it is something stupid to get depressed over. This was not just a teddy bear, it was my closest friend. It was with me throughout all my childhood nightmares from the bullying to being misunderstood at home and not doing so well in school. My teddy was still there. I felt as if it was as angel sent from above to give me sanctuary. And it truly was. My Bear never judged me or persecuted me like other people did, and as such it was very close to my heart.
One day when I was about to go to sleep I found that my bear had disappeared. The housekeeper claimed it was old and ugly. But it was my bear; she had no right to throw it away. I was so hurt, I felt like dying. Every night I would cry myself to sleep. I even went to the extent of going through the whole house searching for it. This was a feeling like no other. It went straight to my heat making me feel the opposite of what my bear made me feel.

One good day I went home, to MY BEAR! It was sitting comfortably on my pillow. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as warmth filled me up. My face stated to glow with happiness. I never bothered to ask of its appearance. I simply held it dose to my heart.

You might be going through something much worse than I went through, but never lose your heart and hope. Keep trying and have faith. Life tends to throw unexpected situations. I say look them straight in the eye and dare them to try you. You might think it’s over and your “BEAR” is lost, but it has been misplaced. All you have to do is FIND IT!

Nicole, 13, Botswana

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