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My sister has always stood by my side all the days of my life. She always had wise words, a strong heart and is fearless. Sometimes you won’t take her seriously because she’s so hilarious. She brings life to parties.
One day, we went to a restaurant with splendid food at the mall. While our food was getting ready, I decided to go to the rest rooms where I met a group of seriously good looking young girls about my age. They were all dressed to kill! But anyway as I walked in, they all stared and “scanned” me. I wasn’t really comfortable because of it. I tried to ignore them. Suddenly one of them girls started whispering to each other laughing and looking at me. Then I thought they were laughing at me, but I cared less until I heard them talking while I was in the toilet saying l am not pretty and I don’t have fashion sense. As soon as I was done in the toilet and washed my hands, they were all laughing at me. My heart sank real bad. I dashed out from the toilets sobbing and told my sister all that went on. She left me at the table and went to the toilets where she found the girls. I didn’t know she did it, but that day she taught those girls how to respect people. Respect your elders, visitors, and children. God bless you

Basetsana, 14, Botswana

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