The Day I Helped My Friend
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The Day I Helped My Friend

It was a beautiful afternoon and my friend and I were staying for afternoon activities at my school. All of a sudden, my friend tells me that she forgot the small bag of hers that had her grasshopper shoes and other precious items. She told me that she had left it on the bench but unfortunately we did not find it. There were teachers going around and picking bags that were left on the benches but unfortunately we had forgotten or we did not know the name of the teacher.
While my friend was crying I was running around asking every teacher if they had seen the teacher who was collecting the bags left on the bench. Luckily, I found the form one year head teacher and he told me that I should go and look for the teacher at the soccer field. I did and I finally found him holding the small bag. I was so happy that I helped my friend find her hag and I hope that it will never happen again, but we are human beings, we forget we are not perfect.

Sesame, 12, Botswana

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