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The sky smiling upon us, the trees moving with the wind, whistling, the bright colors of the flowers, the breeze, the sweet voice of the birds, the water flowing, all this makes up NATURE!
The rays of the sun lighting up this world, the moon shining in the night, the stars all there, we see the stars and wish our dreams would come true. All green the grass, all beautiful this is nature.

Everything is nature, from buildings to trees. We get wood, sand from nature to make buildings. There are many stories in which nature helped someone, this is one story were I am there.
On 11th of May 2009 my friend’s mom had an accident and was admitted in a private hospital. My family and I rushed to the hospital to see her she had seven fractures and a lot of medicine was given to her. This medicine was part of nature. Thanks to the medicine given, she was soon fit and fine. THANKS to nature.

Jeeshitha, 11, Botswana

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