Saving My Friend
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Saving My Friend

I personally believe that saving a life is one of the most extraordinary feelings ever. I wake up every morning with asmile, knowing I’m responsible for life still progressing. I don’t usually help anyone emotionally, but I really did it and it worked.

Not more than a year ago, a very good friend was going through emotional stress. Her problems mounted one after another. She was literally on the verge of suicide. Being the so sensitive person that she is, I had to step in and take the matter by the horn.

She had multiple problems piling up and weighing clown her heart. I took time to sit her down and find out what had dragged her into depression.
She told me that her parents were going through a financial meltdown, which called upon never ending arguments. Her brother was also releasing stress out on her. She was also struggling with her studies and her high grades were dropping rapidly. I had also noticed a sudden change in her behavior and the way she smiled was to hide all the grief. I began to take it step by step and I became one with her. She always had it easy at this point she started taking pills and unfortunately she ended up being detained in hospital for two days.
As soon as she came back to school, I had to put my all in creating a “magical moment”. During the next couple of days I focused on making her understand how much she means to me, her friends and most importantly her was all genuine and she is important to me, so I had to assure her mental stability. As time went on we made great progress.
I take that period of time so precious and sensitive to my heart. From then on, our relationship has been as strong as fire. As long as I am alive, nobody I love so dearly will go through such heartache.

Ketso, 15, Botswana

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