She is Loved
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She is Loved

This poem is based on a story of a friend who lost her parents, she is now raised in an orphanage.

She is loved.
The African child is loved, yet she stands there
waiting, waiting.
Desperate to feel to be wanted, for her soul to be touched.
Born of the abstract entity in which she calls her parents.
She is forgotten, begotten by guardians and social services.
She tries not to get attached as they are just doing their job because the
African child is fragile.
She knows of this thing called love, but she knows in order to love she must be loved and knows there is no love like a mother’s love.
She remains waiting, waiting with tear drops in her heart.
Still overcome with her desire to feel to be wanted, but now,
The African child is now alive with hope
She finds herself consumed by faith, for in her God lives, she is found, as she gathers her dreams.
Schemes of finding her essence.
She is but a human, therefore she breathes, bleeds, thinks and trusts.
She finally accepts that as an African child she is loved.

Gomolemo, 16, Botswana

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