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My Story

I live in a village in Kenya known as Kiambiu slums. I have something small to share with the world that would be inspiring and touching to many people.
My dad was burnt in the house way back in the year 1996. My other siblings and I had not joined school yet and my mother who is not educated worked as a local greengrocer. After my dad’s death, our family house was grabbed by other villagers and so we were homeless. My mother had opted to abandon us and she had even fled to the upcountry. We consequently resulted in becoming street kids and we were eating food from the trash and going to the streets to borrow money. The following year yet another tragedy… my younger sister passed away. We buried her.
Three years later I finally joined school alongside my other four siblings. Challenges were so many but nonetheless we were able to complete primary school by the grace of God…

Maxwell, 20, Kenya

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