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Spike the Dog

One day, while I was wandering about my neighborhood, I heard a strange noise. I didn’t know what it was so I approached and saw a little white spot in the grass and immediately realized that it was a little dog. I took it in my hands and I knew we were becoming friends. I presented him to my parents and they said I could keep him until they could find its owner. When I wanted to give him a bath I saw he had a tick on his neck. I took him to the vet and he said the dog was very ill, having trouble with his lungs. He told me to take care of him, to feed him properly and follow the prescription he would give me. A week later, the dog was felling better and no one came to claim it yet. The problem was we knew we couldn’t keep it in our apartment as he was about to turn into a big dog so we all decided to give him to my grandpa, who was actually looking for a dog for some time. He really appreciated our gift and told me I just became his favorite grandson. So, after that, I felt really pleased and happy to know that Spike, my dog, was in very good hands.

Mihai, 15, Romania

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