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The Joy of Receiving

I must admit, I haven‘t been the caring persons I want to be. Don‘t get me wrong though because I do a lot of things for people and sometimes that makes me happy, but nothing special stands out. But to name something I gave my ex-girlfriend a very nice and cute coat and she was very happy about it and that made me really happy to, just to see her smile and look at herself in the mirror.

In this short essay I am going to do a little bit different that anybody else, I‘m going to write about when someone gives me something that makes me happy.

My parents are very kind people, and since I‘m their only child living at their house (my sister has moved) they treat me very well. That makes me kind of special but also kind of spoiled. My parents have always treated me and my older sister very well, and bought us things that we wanted and we asked for, but again don‘t get me wrong, I do NOT get everything I want and I want it to be that way. I work for my own money and buy myself things that I want, my own digital SLR camera and things like that – things that I don‘t want my parents to buy because these thing are very expensive.

At Christmas, my parents always gives us ridiculous things – things that we never would‘ve image to get! Like last Christmas they gave me a laptop, but only because I did extremely well at my exams and in school overall, and they rewarded me with this computer. That made me so happy and rewarded, I was smiling for 5 days after that.

Elvar, 17, Iceland

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