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My Special Birthday

My magical day was 26 of June 2010. 25th of June was the end of the school year, so the holiday began. A day later, on the 26th, I was leaving for 3 weeks to the camp in the woods. I woke up at 4 and began getting ready, because at 5 my friend with her dad were coming to take me. When we arrived at the place there was a lot of work, everything had to be built. But there was a smell of holiday, and freedom around the forest. That day I had a birthday, so a lot of people phoned me. I thought however, that the camp had forgotten about it. We spent the whole day on integration activities, building and laughing. In the evening, at dinner, I sat and talked with others. I was not expecting anything. Suddenly I heard “Happy birthday to you …” Then the guys brought me up 14 times, as many times as many years I finished. Then I got a “birthday cake” – chocolate, with 12 candles :) I got an interesting book, perfect for me, with signatures from the team and I heard one more “Happy birthday …” Then we all jumped into the lake, the water was very warm.
It was an interesting and magical day. Despite the fact that my birthday was modest, it was wonderful because it was spent with people special for me.

Magda, 15, Poland

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