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6th May 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Rehobeth Beach
Rehobeth Beach

It was my last day in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. I had just played on the giant chess set that is at the outdoor mall. The clouds were turning blue like the ocean I had just been swimming in. The breeze was like a hot fan blowing all around me. It started to pour down rain. I ran like a zebra being attacked by a tiger to get to my favorite restaurant Gus’ n Gus’. I got there and got a burger and a basket of fries. As the rain stopped I was so relieved. I went outside to the boardwalk and saw a huge cloud still raining over the ocean like a painting at a museum. It was like a giant tower that stretched all the way across the ocean. I could still taste the humid rain hanging in the air. I got my Sparky’s Ice Cream milkshake and everything was better. That was a true magical moment.

Reed, 12, USA

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