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5th May 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on My Dogs
My Dogs

There is one moment in my life that is especially magical. It is when I first met my dog Molly. I had seen her before through the shelter we got her from, but I’d never met her. I was worried she wouldn’t like our family or our other dog, Nike. All these questions would be answered one day in the 4th grade as I got off the bus. My sister came out and shouted “We got Caramel!” (Molly’s name at the time) I raced across the lawn like a cat after a mouse and then I saw her. She was in the hallway, covered with her golden fur, which was as soft as a down blanket. She jumped up, and I stood there, scratching her ears while she licked my face, and we were closer than two peas in a pod. She fit right in, and it was a truly magical moment.

Sean, 12, USA

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